At the Principe we have so much to offer!

In the hotel

Are you travelling with the person you love? For one evening you can reserve the solarium by the pool, for a romantic swim under the moonlight.

We also love good music and singing: our "live" evenings have become a tradition. Do you love playing the piano? You can practice even if you are on holiday: a brand-new digital piano with headphones is waiting for you in the hall!

In Cattolica

Set off to discover the Le Navi Park, the largest aquarium on the Adriatic coast. There you will be able to see the sand tiger shark, 3000 fish from the depths of every sea on the planet, penguins, otters and caimans. It’s just a few minutes from the hotel.

Enjoy the new walk to the port: in the morning you can see the fishing and clam boats, in the evening perfect for a cooling after 
dinner stroll or to enjoy breathtaking sunsets by the sea. Our city bikes and a tandem bike are available for you.

Concerts and events in Cattolica are the spice of summer: you will find the updated schedule at the reception desk. 

In the area

Just outside Cattolica there is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: San Giovanni in Marignano. Inside its ancient walls the atmosphere is magical, and not to be missed, the Nights of the Witches, an event scheduled between 21th and 23th June.

The most beautiful village in Italy in 2018: Gradara with its magnificent Castle, is just beyond the hills, well known for being the​
setting of the love story of Paolo and Francesca.

The Fortress with its frescoes, furnishings and paintings is well worth a visit.

Do not miss the events in Gradara and its distinctive medieval re-enactment, taking place every Thursday throughout summer, with a
parade of costumed participants.

But there is much more for you to do inland. The famous Panoramic Route through the San Bartolo Park Nature Reserve: amid a few kilometers of hairpin bends where the green vegetation, meets the endless blue of the sea, leading you to the tiny villages of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara. Words can’t describe the beautiful views and the atmosphere of their lanes and alleyways.



If you follow the best-known itinerary, it will lead you to San Marino and San Leo, with its fortress perched high on a mountain and noble palaces rich in history and legend; on the way back, treat yourself to a visit to Verucchio, another village which is just as fascinating. 
Closer to Cattolica you will find Saludecio and Mondaino, pretty villages where typical local products are produced, such as 
Formaggio di Fossa, stored in the ancient Malatesta pits, and the exquisite Ponterosso, an olive oil which has recently received an award for being the best in the region.

Romagna: sea, beaches and much, much more!!